I’m making an attempt to make an software in Goal C the place a person can obtain a .mlmodel file from Google Drive after which dynamically load this mannequin as a category and run its strategies that come from CoreML’s MLModel interface.

Apple’s documentation, it seems I ought to be capable to do that utilizing bundles: “You can also make your software extensible by designing a plug-in structure. This fashion, you or third-party builders can simply add new options with out recompiling the entire software and even accessing its supply code.”

My current code downloads their .mlmodel file from Google Drive and saves it to the Paperwork folder. Nonetheless, not discovering a solution to instantiate this as a category, I switched approaches, and can as a substitute obtain a .bundle file from their Google Drive after which attempt to make the category from the information inside it. I’m struggling to seek out any examples of how to do that. First, I have no idea get a .bundle file after making an App, setting the principal class, and setting the BundleID as described right here. Second, I’m involved that though the documentation appears to point that what I wish to obtain is feasible, I’ve run throughout a number of SO posts that say that operating any kind of uncompiled code, dynamically linked code is unimaginable on iOS. I might recognize any readability on the matter.

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