I’m attempting to construct my flutter iOS App.

I’m operating an azure DevOps pipeline that builds app ios .ipa. Strive numerous strategies I discovered on the web
I did the steps of the official documentation and different examples discovered and I’ve this error.
Sorry for my English.

  vmImage: macOS-latest


- stage: iOSStage
  dependsOn: []
  displayName: iOS
  - job: iOSJob
    displayName: iOS

    - job: InstallAppleCertificate@2
        certSecureFile: 'Certificates.p12'
        certPwd: '$(p12_pass)'
        keychain: 'temp'

    - job: InstallAppleProvisioningProfile@1
      displayName: Set up provisioning file
      identify: ProvisionProfile
        provisioningProfileLocation: 'secureFiles'
        provProfileSecureFile: 'Ad_Hoc_distribution_provisioning_profile.mobileprovision'

    - job: FlutterInstall@0
          mode: 'auto'
          channel: 'steady'
          model: '{custom}'
          customVersion: '3.0.5'

    - job: FlutterCommand@0
        projectDirectory: './ios'
        flutterDirectory: './ios'
        arguments: 'clear'

    - job: FlutterCommand@0
        projectDirectory: './ios'
        arguments: 'pub get'

    - job: CocoaPods@0
        forceRepoUpdate: false
        workingDirectory: ./ios
        projectDirectory: ./ios

    - job: FlutterBuild@0
      displayName: "Flutter Construct Apps - iOS"
          goal: "ios"
          buildName: "$(Construct.BuildNumber)"
          iosCodesign: true
          iosTargetPlatform: simulator
          buildFlavour: qa
          extraArgs: --flavor $(buildFlavourtype)
          exportOptionsPlist: ./ios/Flutter/AppFrameworkInfo.plist
          debugMode: true[enter image description here][1]

    - job: Xcode@5
        actions: 'clear'
        packageApp: true
        xcWorkspacePath: './ios/Runner.xcworkspace'
        signingOption: handbook
        sdk: $(SDK)
        configuration: "launch"
        scheme: $(buildFlavourtype)
        provisioningProfileUuid: $(APPLE_PROV_PROFILE_UUID)
        TeamId: $(TeamId)
        exportOptionsPlist: ./ios/Flutter/AppFrameworkInfo.plist        #'./ios/Runner/Data.plist'
        exportOptions: ./ios/Flutter/AppFrameworkInfo.plist

    - job: CopyFiles@2
      displayName: "Copy app to staging listing"
        sourceFolder: '$(Agent.BuildDirectory)'
        contents: '**/ipa/*.ipa'
        targetFolder: '$(Construct.StagingDirectory)'
        flattenFolders: true

    - job: PublishBuildArtifacts@1
      displayName: "Publish IPA file"
        PathtoPublish: '$(Construct.ArtifactStagingDirectory)'
        ArtifactName: 'IPA'
        publishLocation: 'Container'

And the failing Xcode archive job:

Job Xcode construct

- job: FlutterCommand@0
        projectDirectory: '.'
        arguments: 'construct ipa --release --build-name=1.0 --build-number 1 --export-options-plist=./ios/Flutter/AppFrameworkInfo.plist --target=lib/main_qa.dart --flavor qa '

Flutter construct ipa


 - job: FlutterBuild@0
      displayName: "Flutter Construct Apps - iOS"
          goal: "ipa"
          buildName: "$(Construct.BuildNumber)"
          entryPoint: "$(buildtype)"
          iosCodesign: true
          iosTargetPlatform: simulator
          buildFlavour: qa
          extraArgs: --flavor $(buildFlavourtype)
          exportOptionsPlist: ./ios/Flutter/AppFrameworkInfo.plist
          debugMode: true

code construct


identify: XXX
description: XXX

# The next line prevents the bundle from being by chance revealed to
# pub.dev utilizing `flutter pub publish`. That is most popular for personal packages.
publish_to: 'none' # Take away this line in the event you want to publish to pub.dev

# The next defines the model and construct quantity to your utility.
# A model quantity is three numbers separated by dots, like 1.2.43
# adopted by an optionally available construct quantity separated by a +.
# Each the model and the builder quantity could also be overridden in flutter
# construct by specifying --build-name and --build-number, respectively.
# In Android, build-name is used as versionName whereas build-number used as versionCode.
# Learn extra about Android versioning at https://developer.android.com/studio/publish/versioning
# In iOS, build-name is used as CFBundleShortVersionString whereas build-number used as CFBundleVersion.
# Learn extra about iOS versioning at
# https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/Normal/Reference/InfoPlistKeyReference/Articles/CoreFoundationKeys.html
model: 1.0.0+1

  sdk: ">=2.16.2 <3.0.0"

# Dependencies specify different packages that your bundle wants with a purpose to work.
# To routinely improve your bundle dependencies to the most recent variations
# think about operating `flutter pub improve --major-versions`. Alternatively,
# dependencies may be manually up to date by altering the model numbers under to
# the most recent model obtainable on pub.dev. To see which dependencies have newer
# variations obtainable, run `flutter pub outdated`.
    sdk: flutter
  cupertino_icons: ^1.0.2
  # State managment
  flutter_bloc: ^8.0.1
  bloc: ^8.0.3
  get_it: ^7.2.0
  # Storage
  flutter_secure_storage: ^5.0.2
  shared_preferences: ^2.0.13
  # Utils
  either_dart: ^0.1.4
  dio: ^4.0.6
  equatable: ^2.0.3
    sdk: flutter
  intl: ^0.17.0
  sizer: ^2.0.15
  faker: ^2.0.0
  logger: ^1.1.0
  clipboard: ^0.1.3
  url_launcher: ^6.1.5
  flutter_stripe: ^4.0.0
  flutter_stripe_web: ^1.2.0
  # Widgets
  pinput: ^2.2.7
  intl_phone_field: ^3.1.0
  flutter_platform_widgets: ^1.20.0
  card_swiper: ^2.0.3
  flutter_animation_progress_bar: ^2.1.1
  flutter_countdown_timer: ^4.1.0
  accordion: ^2.3.0
  flutter_svg: ^1.0.3
  flutter_portal: ^1.0.0
  badges: ^2.0.3
  country_icons: ^2.0.2

    sdk: flutter
  flutter_lints: ^1.0.0
  bloc_test: ^9.0.3
  take a look at: ^1.16.0
  flutter_launcher_icons: ^0.9.2

  android: true
  ios: false
  min_sdk_android: 21
  image_path_ios: "property/icons/ios_launcher.png"
  adaptive_icon_background: '#000000'
  remove_alpha_ios: true
  image_path: "property/icons/icon_launcher.png"

# For data on the generic Dart a part of this file, see the
# following web page: https://dart.dev/instruments/pub/pubspec

# The next part is restricted to Flutter.

  # The next line ensures that the Materials Icons font is
  # included together with your utility, to be able to use the icons in
  # the fabric Icons class.
  uses-material-design: true
  generate: true

  # So as to add property to your utility, add an property part, like this:
    - property/
    - property/icons/
    - property/helmets/

  # A picture asset can seek advice from a number of resolution-specific "variants", see
  # https://flutter.dev/assets-and-images/#resolution-aware.

  # For particulars concerning including property from bundle dependencies, see
  # https://flutter.dev/assets-and-images/#from-packages

  # So as to add {custom} fonts to your utility, add a fonts part right here,
  # on this "flutter" part. Every entry on this checklist ought to have a
  # "household" key with the font household identify, and a "fonts" key with a
  # checklist giving the asset and different descriptors for the font. For
  # instance:
  # fonts:
  #   - household: Schyler
  #     fonts:
  #       - asset: fonts/Schyler-Common.ttf
  #       - asset: fonts/Schyler-Italic.ttf
  #         fashion: italic
  #   - household: Trajan Professional
  #     fonts:
  #       - asset: fonts/TrajanPro.ttf
  #       - asset: fonts/TrajanPro_Bold.ttf
  #         weight: 700
  # For particulars concerning fonts from bundle dependencies,
  # see https://flutter.dev/custom-fonts/#from-packages

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