It is a lot simpler in the event you change the place the calculation is. As a substitute of making an attempt to calculate whether or not the circumference of the interior circle goes outdoors the outer circle you’ll be able to cut back this to have a look at the centres.

If in case you have an outer circle of radius R and an interior circle of radius R' then, as a result of they’re circles we are able to say that if the interior circle centre is larger than (R - R') away from the centre it will likely be outdoors the outer circle.

So, if the centre of the outer circle is at (0,0) then we simply must calculate the Pythagorean distance of the centre of the interior circle.

If the coordinates of the centre of the interior circle is (x,y) then we are able to do the calculation…

if x*x + y*y > (R - R') * (R - R') {
  // interior circle is outdoors outer circle

If the outer circle centre is just not at (0,0) then you definately simply have to make use of dx and dy within the calculation the place dx = outer circle centre x - interior circle centre x and identical for dy.

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